Course description:​

HHealth Information Technology or (HIT) plays an importat role in ensureing patient record accuracy, organization, quiality security and accessibility.  These professionals are also referred to as medical record technicians. Specifically, they manage medical records that contain a patient’s diagnosis, treatment, health certificate and insurance.  These essential documents can be both on paper or encoded in an electronic database.  ​​REACH Centers HIT program involves learning computer hardware and software, networking, health care law, security, health information exchange and ethics.  Students will learn the use and maintenance of information systems for the health information industry.

Locations:   Rancho Cucamonga


 Classes start

Oct 20, 20107


Feb 28, 2018


  • Medical Records Analyst

  • Clinical Documentation Specialist

  • Document Imaging Technician

  • Data Privacy

  • Coding for Medical Procedures and more​