Mission Statement

In response to the shortage of healthcare workers and population of individuals in the Inland Empire that are undereducated or unemployed, REACH Centers’ mission is  to create a comprehensive, quality training and job placement program at low to no cost.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create effective and innovative training centers that help students reach their full potential as an individual and as a healthcare provider, thereby serving and improving the quality of life for the individual and building a stronger healthcare workforce in the community.

Resources, Education and Careers in Healthcare (REACH Centers), Inc.is a non-profit corporation.  EIN:  46-2962209

The nature of the learning process:

Each person innately has a desire and motivation to grow and reach their full potential.  Each person has their own style of learning  that is influenced by life experiences and culture.  Each person is unique in their abilities and their needs in learning.

The ideal learning environment:

Multiple teaching styles are used to meet a wide range of student learning styles.  Creativity, innovation and technology are utilized to make education accessible, interactive and engaging.  The faculty is committed to incorporating into their teaching methodology an awareness of individual differences of students/clients including their cultural and ethic background, learning styles, goals, and support systems.  The faculty believes that learning is facilitated when students/clients are actively involved in the learning process. The faculty create an environment conductive to learning and seek out learning experiences appropriate for the student/client, and acts as a resource person.


REACH Centers believes the following are important in building a successful company:

  • Showing Respect for all our employees and clientele.
  • Building Trust with employees and clientele.
  • Conducting business with Integrity and reasonable Fairness.
  • Taking Responsibility for our actions.
  • Providing services of the highest Quality.
  • Focusing on Productivity and Creativity at every level of business.
  • Using sound Judgment, Research and Vision in decision-making.
  • Creating an atmosphere that promotes Engagement, Humor and Fun that can increase all aspects of success.
  • Being Congruent in actions and deeds to ensure that it is a Client-Centered business.