$20.00 up to 4 hours

Rancho Cucamonga

Current enrolled Students/Clients get free tutoring.

The session is $20.00 up to 4 hours of tutoring in the Rancho Cucamonga Campus.

​Do you need to review and strengthen knowledge and skills to be more confident, more comfortable and more successful in your program of study?

​:: Reach Centers, Inc., can give you the edge with individualized assessment, remediation and tutoring.

:: One-on-one tutoring sessions

:: Small group classes for review and test preparation

:: Recommendations on study skills, time
​ management skills, test taking skills

​Suggestions to increase critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. Students will be paired with tutors who are specialized in the field the student requires. Each tutor undergoes assessment prior to being paired with a student to ensure knowledge of the subject.

​For state CNA tutoring (NNAAP) skills only, call to schedule your time and attend the session.